Often Economic Development Organizations use the purchase and improvement of land to help achieve their goals. This is not news to you, but the value we bring to that process is.

We offer a staged consulting program, tailored for EDOs, to evaluate the purchase and development of land to benefit their communities.

We have over forty years of experience developing and building industrial and office product nationwide. In those forty years we have worked with cities and EDOs all over the state of Texas. Recently we have done similar work on behalf of the EDOs of Lubbock, Midlothian, Corsicana, and Mansfield.

In doing that work we have streamlined a process that allows your EDO to ease into the expense of evaluating the purchase, entitlement, and development of land process through incremental stages. Your EDO can gain real knowledge of what can be done with your land, at what cost, and for what potential ROI without committing to large amounts money.

We usually suggest a five staged program. Each stage is contracted separately and invoiced at completion, so you are not committed to more than you want to handle. The stages are usually Site Selection, Assessment, Evaluation, Feasibility, and Construction Design, BUT, we can tailor a program to fit your needs and whatever stage of the land acquisition process you may already be in.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to explore a potential relationship with us today. We would love to come talk to you at your next convenient time.